A BAI client deserves guarantees

The TGB (BAI Guaranteed Titles) are fixed income assets issued by BAI, being the ideal option for customers seeking safe investments with attractive rates.

Use BAI Directo to follow the guaranteed return of your BAI titles and queries.

Guaranteed benefits:

• Interest Rate unchanged;
• Rate of return higher than the normally practiced by the traditional term deposits;

To access the TGB you need:

• Be a BAI customer;
• Fill out the subscription form.

Minimum amount:

• AKZ 800.000.00; 
• USD 10.000.00.

Term of deposit:

• Minimum-6 months;
• Maximum 1 year.

Service channel:
BAI branch network.

Please check the technical information sheet here.

For more information contact the nearest BAI branch from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 3:00 pm.