Easy, Fast and Secure.

The mobile payments solution from Banco BAI.

What is e-Kwanza BAI?

E-Kwanza BAI is a mobile phone service that allows you to transfer funds and make payments of goods and services, with a technology compatible with all mobile phone operators.

Allows for deposits, withdrawals and money transfers to other mobile phones, payment of bills in stores or utility bills.
Operations are conducted through a service number, in wich you enter your personal access code, and a voice interface guides you through in few steps.


Innovation: interactive voice server technology (IVR), which guides the client through the service´s operations.
Convenience: goods and service payment with electronic money by phone.
Flexibility: conversion from cash to electronic money.
Diversity: service compatible with mobile telephone operators.
Helpline and-Kwanza BAI: free support line, available to the client, to help in the following: Difficulty in performing some operation;
• Difficulty in inserting the pin;
• Changing the pin code;
• Cell loss;
• Sending SMS to number wrong;
• SMS not received.