Easy to invest , easy to earn.

The BAI AKZ 90 Days deposit is a financial application set up in Kwanzas with monthly interest payment.

Thinking about your needs, 90 Days warrants the best rates in AKZ , as soon as possible.

• Monthly payment of interest;
• Guaranteed income;
• Guarantee of return on capital employed;
• Flexibility in the management of the application.

Access conditions:
• Be a BAI client
• Membership form

• 90 Days.

Automatic renewals are not allowed.
After expiration, the client can request new application, but subject to the limited stock.

• Minimum of AKZ 1,000,000.00 (one million kwanzas).

Target market:
• Private clients and Companies.

For more information contact the nearest BAI counter from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 3:00 pm.