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Payment of the DLI is an electronic payment service Document Tax Settlement (DLI), which allows the taxpayer to the Ministry of Finance carried out, monitor, manage your tax payments from Internet Banking BAIdirecto channel service.

Associated Benefits:

  • Provide access to the Service Portal of Public Administration of the taxpayer;
  • Allow the taxpayer monitoring of payments;
  • A single DLI, the taxpayer can pay the amount of taxes you want;
  • Convenience, simplicity and speed;
  • Comfort payments

Access conditions:

  • Be Customer BAI;
  • Being adherent BAIdirecto service;
  • Fill adhesion proposal.

No associated costs.

Channel Service:
BAIdirecto - Internet Banking.

To access, follow the operating instructions by clicking here.

For more information contact the nearest BAI Branch, from Monday to Friday, from 8h00 to 15h00.