BAI Billing Service allows companies to receive payments of its clients through the application of electronic files (direct debit account), acceptance of face-to-face payments (Counter BAI) and non-presential (electronic channels).

• There is no minimum limits for payments regardless of the file format or processing channel;
• Sending notification of real-time payment confirmation (on application mode of face-to-face channel and Mobile Banking);
• Return reporting with processing information (DDC mode);
• Remote monitoring account movements by Internet Banking or electronic statement to be sent at intervals agreed upon;
• Diversification of channels available to the end customer;
• Possibility of adjustment of the fields of the payment solutions available and their limits (40 characters).

Service channel
Local clearance Desk.

Note: the Direct Debit Account (DDA) implies the acceptance of the service by the company's customers by signing a debit authorization made in favour of the company and submitted to BAI, under the custody of the counter.