Learn about other services for your company.

Learn about other services for your company.

NOSSA insurance: NOSSA Insurance Collections service is an agreement between BAI and NOSSA insurance, so that the recoveries of the insurance policies are carried out in branches of the BAI.

Checks are means used to deposit and withdrawal values/ou on own accounts or of third parties.
To better serve you, we issue check books, sale of loose checks and certified checks.

Foreign exchange operations:
We provide services of buying and selling of currency conversions at the exchange rate of the day in all branches of the Bank.

Bank transfers:
We do internal bank transfers, international and national.

Banking correspondent BAI:
The shipping correspondent banking Service allows sending and receiving BAI, account or cash for originators and recipients in Angola.

Opening of accounts:
Accounts service BAI is fast and efficient. To do this, simply present the following documentation:

• A public deed of incorporation of the company;
• Business registration certificate, with designation of administrative organs or management;
• Industrial tax and final D R;
• Publication of the statutes of the company in the Diary of the Republic (Diário da República);
• Statistical registration certificate;
• Commercial license;
• Photocopy of taxpayer card/tax identification number;
• Photocopy of identity card (the representative);
• A passport-size picture to each of the subscribers;
• Minimum deposit for account opening is 100,000.00 AKZ and 500.00 USD;
• Letter to Bank to request the opening of the account;
• Powers of Attorney (where necessary);
• Photocopy of passport, work permit, alien resident card (for foreigners).

Collection and transportation of values:
The service of collection and Transportation of values is for the withdrawal, and as a result of transportation facilities from the client to the Bank, with recourse to specialised security firms, followed by deposit to the account of the client after counting in the presence of the same.

BAI Vault hiring:
BAI Vault hiring consists in the seizure of the bank vault by a client, who becomes responsible for administrative and operational control of the goods in safe.


E-BAI is an acceptance solution for e-commerce that allows you to make payments over the internet with network cards VISA.

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