A BAI Customer deserves Guarantees.

Your company has a well-defined corporate object and the results are clearly evident. This is the time to make an investment which only offers you guarantees. The guarantees that a successful company deserves and needs to have.

BAI has BAI Guaranteed Securities (TGB) for you; the right choice for those seeking to diversify income sources in a safe investment with an attractive rate and fixed yield.

For your convenience use BAI Direct to monitor the guaranteed return on your BAI securities. BAI Direct is a service which is at your disposal to monitor your securities, carry out operations and queries.

Guaranteed Benefits:
• Fixed interest rate;
• Yield above the rate normally applied for traditional Term Deposits;

To access the BAI Guaranteed Securities you need to:
• Be a BAI Customer;
• Complete the application form.

Minimum Opening Amount:
• AKZ 800,000.00
USD 10,000.00

Term Deposit:
• Minimum - 90 days;
• Maximum - 1 year.