Easy, Fast and Secure

Meet E-Kwanza and the advantages it can offer you.

Merchant: individual or Business Entity that accepts electronic money payments by E-Kwanza BAI.

Agent: Client company authorized by BAI to provide the E-Kwanza service to their customers.


Increased Volume of business: with the safety and simplicity of E-Kwanza BAI´s payment, our merchant partners tend to increase customers ' consumption levels, resulting in increased sales of the company;


Interactive voice server technology (IVR), where the client is guided to make deposits, transfer operations, survey and payments via mobile phone;


Conversion from cash to electronic money and vice versa;


Payment of goods and services with electronic money by phone;


Providing another channel of payment, fast, modern and safe for the client;

Security: For the merchant, agent and customer by using electronic money.

Type of service:

• Transfer of values in Angola;
• Payment of goods and services;

Modernize your business

• Be client BAI;
• Terminal (tablet) or smartphone or PC;
• Internet connection (3 g, 4 g or Wifi);
• Log in to the merchant system.

Operations available to the merchant in the dedicated portal: https://e-kwanza.bancobai.ao/merchant

• Acceptance of payments for goods and services;
• Management of references of payment (ticket)
• User management