Manage your resources safely.

Your Company´s current account allows deposits in national currency (Kwanza) that can me mobilized by your order at any time. With this account, the holder (s) may move his/their resources with security, flexibility and still have access to BAI ´s products and services.


Products services:

• Deposits and withdrawals;
• National and international transfers;
• Term deposits;
• Issuance of Cheques;
• Automatic debit orders or Punctual;
• Consultations of balances;
• Bank Statements;
• Treasury solutions;
• Billing solutions;
• Investment credit.

Remote channels:

• SMS and Mobile Banking;
• Internet Banking;
• Atms.

Other solutions:

• Credit by signature: Bank guarantees, Documentary Remittances, Documentary credits;
• Collection and transportation of values: safe and convenient way to transport the resources of businesses;
• Protocol for workers: set of differentiated financial solutions for Employees of the Bank´s client companies.


• AKZ 100.00 .00;
• 500.00 USD or the equivalent in another foreign currency.

Service channel:

• Agencies, dependencies and Company service centers.

For more information contact the nearest BAI counter from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 3:00 pm.