The FLEX CARD is a prepaid card of the EMIS network wich serves as means of payment in gas stations of Sonangol.

  • Greater financial control: issuance of cards for the employees of the company based on the thresholds for supply of vehicles;

  • Greater administrative control: an extract is issued specifying the transactions as well as date, location and amount paid;

  • Safety: in case of loss or theft of the card, the customer can request the cancellation and subsequent remission of cardboard;

  • Economic: free from any charges by the ownership and use of the card.

Target market:

Private customers, companies and institutions that are BAI clients.


Kwanza (AKZ).


  • The client offers the subscription value in the checking account and asks the Bank, by filling the membership agreement, the issuance of the card;
  • In the case of a company or institution, by filling out a registration of employees or letter should also specify the ceiling to be allocated in each of the cards and the name of the official or the area to be awarded the card;
  • The subscription value can be enhanced where requested by the client.